My interest in video work started at the age of 12 when some friends and I shot a "movie" on my family's camcorder. Shortly thereafter, I began shooting weddings for my cousins and other family. As word of my wedding videography spread, it soon became one of my primary sources of video work. My experience with video for business started in the summer of 2006 when I was hired by Dragotec USA, Inc. to produce promotional and instructional videos. Since then, my passion for video has spread to many different areas, as you can see from my services and portfolio pages.

Boettcher Productions is different from traditional video production companies. Because the entire production process—from the first concept to the final edit—is handled by me, Boettcher Productions is able to provide an efficient and integrated experience not offered by larger production companies. Working directly with me keeps us on the same page and ensures that your video is going where you want it to.

For more information, visit my services, portfolio, and contact pages. When you've decided its time to get the ball rolling on your next video, feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email.